Leeds Tykes
Development squad graduates Images of Jack Gilmartin, Henry Derbyshire and Lucas Walsh

Leeds Tykes’ has long been a breeding ground for emerging rugby talents, and this season, three outstanding young players have successfully made the leap from the development ranks to the senior squad. Second row Jack Gilmartin, prop Henry Derbyshire and back row Lucas Walsh, have demonstrated exceptional dedication, skill, and potential, earning their places on the senior team roster.

Jack Gilmartin: Towering talent in the second row
At 6’6″, Jack Gilmartin stands as a formidable presence in the second row, and his performance on the field reflects his imposing stature. Graduating from the development squad, Gilmartin’s journey has been marked by hard work and a hunger to excel. His lineout expertise, ability to disrupt the opponent’s set pieces and unrelenting work ethic have caught the eyes of coaches. Gilmartin’s tenacity in the scrum and his ability to cover ground swiftly make him a player to watch, and his elevation to the senior squad is a testament to his dedication to the sport.

Henry Derbyshire: The solid foundation at prop
In the scrum, a reliable prop can make all the difference, and Henry Derbyshire embodies reliability and strength. Graduating from the development squad, Derbyshire’s technical prowess and scrummaging ability have set him up for a jump to the senior squad. His consistency in providing a strong foundation in the scrum and his hunger to improve have garnered praise from coaches and peers alike. As he steps onto the senior stage, Derbyshire’s contribution to the team’s forward dominance is set to make a lasting impact.

Lucas Walsh: Back row dynamo
Lucas Walsh’s rise through the ranks has been an example of adaptability and versatility. A back row dynamo, Walsh has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, excelling in various positions across the back row. His agility, ball-carrying skills, and keen defensive awareness are a pivotal part of his game, and he now brings these talents to the senior team. Walsh’s passion for the game and his ability to seamlessly switch between attack and defence have made him an invaluable addition to the senior squad.

The future of Leeds Tykes
The promotion of Jack Gilmartin, Lucas Walsh, and Henry Derbyshire to the senior squad marks a significant milestone in their respective rugby journeys. These young players have proven that they possess not only the talent but also the dedication and determination required to thrive at the senior level. As they join the ranks of seasoned players, their presence promises to inject fresh energy and skill into the Leeds Tykes’ lineup.

Director of Rugby, Peter Seabourne, expressed his confidence in the three graduates, stating: “Jack, Henry and Lucas have consistently shown their commitment to improvement and their passion for the game. We believe that their integration into the senior squad will contribute positively to our team’s performance, and we’re excited to see how they continue to develop.”

The Leeds Tykes’ community is eagerly awaiting the upcoming season, where these three rising stars will have the opportunity to shine on senior rugby stage. Their stories inspire not only their fellow teammates but also aspiring young players throughout the region. The future looks promising as these talented athletes contribute their skills to the proud legacy of Leeds Tykes rugby.